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Attorney Reviews

Reviews for Earl L. Jiang Attorney at Law

Recently, I was charged with a misdemeanor crime that had a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail, and a $10,000 fine.  After a couple of emails back and forth, Earl said it might be better if we spoke via phone. Earl’s fees were very manageable on my meager income.  He showed up to all the court dates on time. The day of the trial, he pursued the Deputy District Attorney with vigor before the case got started,  and the charges were lessened just like he said they would be. He has a good sense of humor and isn’t all stuck up or anything. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who has been charged with a crime and needs a criminal defense attorney that is of the highest integrity.  – Chad M, Fremont, CA


I ran into some troubles when I was younger. He asked for roughly $4500 for the case and the money was handed over within days. Before the start of the case, the man voluntarily refunded $2000 and said the case would not require that much after all. Earl is the man. – Franklin F, Fresh Meadows, NY


I got involved in a car accident almost two years ago. A guy ran the red light and destroyed my car. I had neck and back problems and needed physical therapy. I decided to look for a lawyer to help me get the money to pay for the physical therapy sessions. From day one Mr. Jiang took a real interest in my case and gave me good professional advice. He spent many hours negotiating with the other driver’s attorney. One day we spent almost 5 hours at a mediation meeting. I could only make it because he was there, next to me. I am very impressed by his dedication to my case. – Carmela TNewark, CA


I am very satisfied with Earl Jian’g legal services. Earl is an extremely knowledgeable, seasoned lawyer who can get the job done fast! I have full confidence in his expertise and services and would recommend him to everyone I know. I have heard lots of negative comments about lawyers but Earl completely changed my perception. He knows what he is doing without muddling facts and fiction like what some other legal representatives might do to swindle more money out of their clients. – Sherry C, San Jose, CA


I am very pleased with Earl’s services.
After a hit & run misdemeanor charge after hitting my neighbors car I was terrified and had no idea what to do. I looked on Yelp and met with Earl. Like people say he is very straightforward and no-nonsense but not rude- he’s a person too. – Alexandra H., Newark, CA


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