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All Is Not Lost – How Hiring a Drug Crime Lawyer in Alameda County Can Help You

All Is Not Lost – How Hiring a Drug Crime Lawyer in Alameda County Can Help You

The possession, trafficking, manufacturing, cultivation, and consumption of certain drugs are strictly prohibited in Alameda County. And it is suggested to hire a criminal defense attorney to contest the charges laid against you. The drug crime conviction is dreadful for youngsters and adults alike.

For students, drug charges can completely derail their academic endeavors and tarnish their reputation. Plus, if convicted, getting employment after serving time will be next to impossible.

Plus, if you are a student and are incarcerated, chances are you will lose your student loan and the financial aid provided by the government or any other institution. And adults may have to deal with loan denials, employment problems, child custody, etc.  Therefore, hiring a certified lawyer can help you in the following ways.

Dealing with Opposing Prosecutor

An experienced and reputable lawyer has the experience, and the skill sets required to fight your case. There is no question that a professional is always well aware of the legal ramifications of your case.

When you hire a lawyer, he will provide knowledge about what you should expect from the opposing prosecutor. Also, his contacts or legal assistance may help reduce your plea bargain or sentence – which is a significant relief when charged with possession or manufacturing of illegal substances such as cocaine or marijuana.

To Protect or Control Damage

The court does not proceed with insufficient evidence. That is why the prosecution needs enough viable evidence to convict you. However, if the evidence is circumstantial, your lawyers may be able to get you off the hook.

Opting for an accredited, well versed and reputable criminal defense attorney in Alameda County is necessary. He can help prepare you for everything – he will conduct a mock trial to help you understand the sorts of questions that the opposing counsel will ask you and how you should answer those questions. He will work to control the damage the incident has caused and tried to protect your reputation as well.

Dealing with the Legal System

The legal system is complicated. It involves intricacies that might affect your case adversely – that is if you hire a novice or insufficiently experienced lawyer. A professional will not only represent you but will fight aggressively for the best outcome. Your Alameda lawyer will also manage further legal matters related to your conviction when you are dealing with penalties. However, in most cases, an expert settles on a win-win situation.

Provide Better Case Evaluation

You should never ignore the outcome of a criminal conviction. A small case can lead to significant consequences. Even a simple ticket on texting while driving can result in various penalties and fines affecting your driving record and increasing your insurance costs.

Hence, when dealing with criminal drug charges, you need a lawyer to discuss the matter because only he can provide better case evaluation and help you comprehend what you might face next.

Practical Perspective

Drug conviction charges can be emotional and stressful. You cannot make decisions with a clouded mind. And that is why you need an attorney.

Bottom Line

You may find it impossible to get back on the track after a drug crime conviction. And some people have lost everything because of inadequate legal representation. If you want to have a peace of mind regarding your case – contact Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866 right now!