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Why Will I Need a Hayward Marijuana Crime Lawyer When I Can Smoke legally?

Why Will I Need a Hayward Marijuana Crime Lawyer When I Can Smoke legally?

Adults in Hayward are allowed to smoke marijuana thanks to the after the legalization of the drug in California. The industry is growing rapidly and facilitating customers since then. However, as per different marijuana laws, consumers did not get complete freedom yet as a set of rules has applied on purchasing, smoking, and cultivation of the drug. The law allows you to retain one ounce of marijuana and cultivate six plants without making the knowledge public.

When it comes to medicinal purposes, a qualified patient can possess around eight ounces of the drug. These patients can grow six mature and 12 immature plants. There is no doubt that the state is tolerant to recreational or medical marijuana but a slight violation of rules can land a consumer into hot waters. This is why you are advised to consult with a Marijuana Crime Lawyer in Hayward if caught in following cases:

Smoking Marijuana In Public

Smoking a joint in public is considered a felony even after the legalization of the cannabis. It is suggested to consume the drug only on private property. The law bans smoking a joint in public places where tobacco is illegal as well. You might land in serious trouble if found smoking the drug around restaurants, school campuses, hospitals, and public parks.

Consuming Marijuana While Driving

Driving while smoking or even consuming edibles made from the drug is strictly prohibited. You may come in contact with serious consequences if caught in the influence of the drug when driving. The rule also regulates how you store marijuana in the car. You will face a fine of $70 if an unsealed marijuana container is found in your possession.

The Stance Of Federal Government On Marijuana

Federal law still outlaws the possession of the drug. Pot dispensaries are instructed to keep an eye on the consumers via gathering information which federal prosecutors and agents can seize. The adults who purchase or consume a legalized amount will less likely be affected by any federal action. However, to avoid any inconvenience, you should not cultivate, buy, or consume the drug for medical or recreational purposes without measuring all the legal formalities.

Provide All Required Information

You are expected to provide a valid ID when buying marijuana – or a valid and legitimate medical prescription. You can provide your driving license, passport, or military ID as well. Trying to buy marijuana on a fake ID is a felony can land you in a very serious predicament with the law.

Termination On Possessing Marijuana

Proposition 64 empowers an employer to alter their drug policy. It is quite complex to deal with circumstances like these when the state has legalized the drug but employer takes action against you for using marijuana. This is one of the matters that should be met legally to prevent further damage.

Bottom Line

Drug charges can stay with you for a long time if not dealt appropriately. Contact Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866 and get your case solved legally.

Let a Hayward Drug Crime Lawyer save your future after Drug Conviction

Let a Hayward Drug Crime Lawyer save your future after Drug Conviction

A drug conviction could become a life-changing experience. There is no doubt that you will face harrowing penalties and after that, you may find it challenging to go school or get decent work. Not to mention, the criminal conviction might live with you till the rest of your life.

Also, the California state does not treat offenders lightly whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. A drug-charge can destroy your professional, academic and personal life. In the circumstances like these, you have to exhaust all your options for a plea deal or reduced sentence – and that can only happen if you invest in a credible, reputable and an expert attorney.

Your drug offense lawyer will help you overcome every legal facet that you face and get the best outcome – enabling you to move on with your life. If you don’t seek the services of a certified attorney, you may find trouble in the following areas.

Asset Forfeiture

If you have been found guilty of selling illegal substances and narcotics, you will end up losing your money, home, car and other assets. The court will take everything from you even after the charges are dismissed. This law is known as “Asset Forfeiture.” When you hire an attorney, he will assist you in severe matters like these.

Employment Issue

Employers will check your criminal record before hiring. When you apply for a job, the prospective employer may ask whether or not you have a criminal record. You shouldn’t hide the truth to avoid a problem. However, a drug offense may hinder landing work anywhere – especially in industries such as nursing, legal practice, commercial driving, law enforcement or any position that involves dealing with children.

Renting a Home Will Become Problematic

Drug charges will affect your ability to rent a place to live. Most landlords will only trust a tenant after determining his background. Upon finding out that the potential tenant is a drug dealer – there are very slim chances that you will be given tenancy – even if you have been dismissed from the charges.

Loan Rejection from Financial Institutions

It is evident that banks or other financial institutions will investigate your background. Loan and financing companies are focused on your ability to repay the loan. Holding a criminal record will result in immediate denial, and you will be regarded as a high-risk client. This way, you cannot get a loan for school, house, car, etc.

Child Custody

If you are embroiled in a circumstance like child custody, there are prominent chances that the court will question your character over the criminal record. Having a drug conviction may affect your ability to raise children, and you will more likely lose your family.

Information about Criminal Record

All criminal records remain public until they are sealed or expunged. There are significant chances that partners, lenders, or employers will find your criminal history. An experienced lawyer will work passionately to get the charges expunge allowing you to take a fresh start in several matters of life.

Bottom Line

You cannot move on entirely until you get away with the drug charges. To keep your future secure, call Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866 immediately.

Reasons Why You Need An Estate Planning Lawyer In Hayward

Reasons Why You Need An Estate Planning Lawyer In Hayward

Estate planning involves a series of legal decisions for which you need a professional and certified adviser. There are plenty of formalities that need to be taken care of and going through every bit of jargon is a technical and daunting process.

Property owners often struggle to decide whether they need an attorney regarding their will or not. It is worth noting that estate planning is more than paying taxes on the assets. You might not need an attorney in case of no financial complexities, family dynamics, and a few assets.

However, in other cases, dealing with estate planning without a lawyer can land you in trouble as it is more likely that you will miss out on a lot of technical details and may file incomplete and improper paperwork.

An estate planning attorney monitors every aspect of your case at the beginning such as an uneven distribution of assets over time or if members of a family aren’t getting equal shares, etc. An adequate estate planning should be a part of your financial oversight because it could become complicated and costly if delayed and not performed correctly.

In light of this, here are some important reasons why it is wise to hire an estate planning attorney.

For Extensive Estate Planning

Most estate owners think that there is no difference between a will and an estate plan similar. However, these are two distinct terms. An estate plan is based on legal documents containing the appropriate distribution of your assets and comes into effect immediately after you have it made by a professional. However, a will is a legal document that comes into effect after you pass away and mostly highlight who will get your properties, assets and what not after you pass away.

When it comes to estate planning, the procedure involves almost six estate planning documents which a lawyer can help you prepare accurately.

A Complex Process

When it comes to estate planning, there are procedures involved which you cannot deal without legal advice. You need to learn that the federal government changes laws on a consistent basis, and not everyone can track those changes.

Unpredictable Life Events

There is no denying that an estate plan may need to be revised in light of unpredictable life events. You need to review your estate planning when your children grow up, or if you move to a different state, or if you marry or divorce, etc. and others. Like your financial situation goes through drastic changes over time, your estate planning requires modification as well. That is why hiring an attorney is necessary who can guide when your estate plan needs a revision.

For Long-Term Benefit

Working with a lawyer can help you in numerous ways – especially when it comes to being prepared and up to date with all your documentation. The estate planner will ensure there are zero discrepancies and that you have precise control over all your assets in both the short and long-run.  He is an unbiased person who can answer various questions like whether your children are mature enough to handle your wealth or not. With the right advice, you can make a wise decision which will benefit you and your family.

Save Time and Money

Hiring an attorney could become a useful way to alleviate the burden that legal matters often bring. You will also end up paying additional court fees and taxes which you can save with professional help.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reliable attorney in Hayward for an adequate estate plan, contact Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866.