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Knowing Drug Possession Laws in California and Hiring a Fremont Drug Crime Lawyer

Knowing Drug Possession Laws in California and Hiring a Fremont Drug Crime Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug crime, your next step should be hiring a certified attorney who knows how to proceed further without hurting your reputation. In a drug case, it is essential to fulfilling all legal formalities to prevent future problems. That is why you should look for an experienced lawyer. He will comprehensively analyze your case and come up with solutions and evidence that can help you get off the hook – or lead to a win-win situation.

Before obtaining services from a drug crime lawyer, you should learn about drug possession penalties in California. This way, you will get a better insight into your case, and it will also help find an attorney who will win the case for you.

Drug Possession Penalties

According to Californian law, penalties for drug possession vary. There are two kinds of cases, i.e., simple drug possession and possessing drugs for sale. In both scenarios, a lawyer can file for plea deals to trace real offenders or crime leaders. It is worth noting that a lower-level criminal who agrees to co-operate with the investigation team, will not face a penalty.

Simple Drug Possession

The penalties aren’t heavy if the narcotic is a mild depressant and in a small quantity. However, your criminal background will be investigated along with the particular circumstances associated with the crime. In case of a misdemeanor, you may face county jail for a year. Also, you may encounter a fine of $1,000 and one-year in county jail – that is if you have been found guilty of drugs as a felony.

Drug Possession for Sale

The penalties for drug possession for sale are more substantial than simple drug crimes. You will be fined $20,000 and up to four years in county prison if you have kept drugs with the intent to distribute. However, there is a distinctive law for substances such as cocaine, cocaine base, or heroin. In this circumstance, you may be incarcerated in county jail as per the weight of narcotics in possession. Your sentence could be from 3 to 25 years.

However, legally circumventing the law might be possible – and that can only happen if you opt for the services of a highly skilled and reputed drug offense lawyer.

Experience in Particular Area

You need to comprehend the fact that an attorney who has settled divorce negotiations conclusively cannot help you with a drug conviction. There are drug crime defense attorneys who have specialized in the area. You need to find an experienced lawyer regarding your case to monitor every aspect associated with it.

Your Involvement in the Procedure

A good lawyer will always simplify the laws allowing you to understand how things will take place in a drug case and to make a decision with a clear mind. Your attorney should keep you engaged throughout the process and work passionately for the best outcome.

Bottom Line

Going through a drug conviction is a harrowing experience. To fight the charges and get the best outcome – don’t hesitate to call Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866.