Following the passing of a loved one, probate can seem like a daunting task to complete at a difficult time. If an estate plan has been prepared in advance, the court may not have to oversee the administration of the estate, especially if the plan was done well by an attorney who understood the goals and wishes of the individual.If probate is necessary, however, the estate must go through a process overseen by the court that will notify all heirs, pay obligations and divide the estate. The length of this process is often determined by the complexity of the estate, family dynamics and scheduling issues with the probate court.

Estate Administration and Probate Lawyer Serving Those in Fremont and Surrounding Area

Attorney Earl L. Jiang helps families complete this process as quickly as possible, handling all legal details as they focus on dealing with the pain of losing a loved one.

To learn more about how he can help you complete the probate process, please call his Fremont office today. Mr. Jiang serves Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking clients, as well.

The probate process follows several steps after the individual has passed:

  • A petition must be filed with the appropriate court to begin probate.
  • All heirs (either named in the will or statutory heirs) will be contacted.
  • An executor will be appointed to administer the estate.
  • The executor will inventory all assets and debts of the estate, appraising the value of property.
  • All creditors and lenders will be paid.
  • Assets and property of the estate will be sold.
  • Estate taxes, if any, will be paid.
  • Remaining assets and property will be distributed to the heirs.

This can be a complicated process for an executor to complete, especially if he or she has never had prior experience, as many people have not. Attorney Jiang provides invaluable assistance and aid throughout this process, ensuring that all details are accounted for and the interests of the heirs protected. He will help to avoid any breach of fiduciary duty or reason for dispute.

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