Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Whether you are an avid cyclist or simply commute or travel about by bike, it is likely that you are passionate about riding on two wheels. When drivers and others on the road put you at risk, whether due to distraction or intentional malice, there are legal steps you can take to hold them accountable for an accident.

Holding Responsible Drivers Accountable Following Bike Accidents

Attorney Earl L. Jiang advocates for victims and their families following bicycle accidents in the Bay Area. He has the experience and legal understanding needed to recover maximum damages for the pain you have experienced following an accident.

If you have been involved in a bike accident, please contact attorney Jiang’s Fremont, California, office today to learn what can be done to recover the compensation needed to cover your medical bills and hold responsible drivers accountable.

With more and more technology available to drivers, there is an increasing risk of accidents caused by distracted drivers. Those on bikes are often at the greatest danger as they share the road with car and truck drivers.

Some of the most common types of bike accidents include:

  • Hitting a biker who had the right of way
  • Dooring of cyclists when a car door is opened into the bike lane as the biker rides by
  • Swerving into the bike lane and hitting a biker
  • Intentionally driving too close to a biker to intimidate
  • Throwing objects at bikers and cyclists
  • Disrepair to roads or other pathways that should have been maintained, causing an accident

Attorney Jiang will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the accident to determine how it occurred and what should have been done to prevent it. He will assemble the evidence, including medical records and forensic analysis, to build a solid case on your behalf. He will hold the responsible driver accountable for the damage and pain he or she caused.