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Remain Polite When Facing DUI Charge

Remain Polite When Facing DUI Charge

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Any cursing, running, using force against the officer or disobeying orders can exacerbate the situation and may count against the driver.

Sometimes California drivers operate their vehicles after having a few drinks, thinking that their blood-alcohol levels are below the allowed level of .08 percent for adult drivers. The consequences could be severe if they are pulled over and arrested — even without a conviction. The manner in which a driver handles such a traffic stop may play a role in the severity of any DUI charge that is filed.

Pulling over immediately upon an officer’s command may be a good start. The driver should then switch off the engine and put both his or her hands on the steering wheel. The driver must then remain in the car until the officer asks him or her to get out.

A driver has the right to remain silent. It may be best to be polite and follow the orders of the officer. Answering basic questions could be okay, but providing information that may be self-incriminating is unnecessary. The driver need not tell officers how many drinks he or she consumed. Nor is it necessary for the driver to explain where he or she came from and who else was there.

Even if the driver remains polite, a DUI charge may be filed. If this is a driver’s first DUI arrest, it will likely be a daunting experience, but the best step is to ask permission to call a criminal defense attorney. An experienced California DUI defense attorney will explain the proceedings that will follow and can be present during questioning to ensure the driver’s legal rights are protected. If the case goes to court, the lawyer can navigate the proceedings and work toward achieving the best possible outcome.

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Alleged Street Racer Faces DUI Charges

Alleged Street Racer Faces DUI Charges

When a suspected impaired driver tries to flee the scene of an accident, the charges become more serious, especially if there were injuries. What might have been only a DUI charge may turn out to be a felony charge — making the potential penalties more severe. Facing such charges is usually easier with the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

According to a report by the California Highway Patrol, an SUV smashed into a house after allegedly participating in street racing. Officers say two SUVs collided at an intersection after they appeared to have been involved in chasing each other. The impact of the collision caused one SUV to careen onto private property and slam into a porch of the residence. One of the four people who were on the porch at the time was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries.

The CHP report further states that witnesses said the driver and her passenger ran from the accident scene. When officers located her a short while later on another street, they arrested the suspected driver and charged her with felony hit-and-run and felony DUI. Reportedly, the other driver drove away from the scene and remains at large.

Any California driver who is accused of DUI-related offenses will likely seek the support and guidance of a criminal defense attorney who is skilled in protecting the rights of a person facing a DUI charge. Only once the prosecution has proved the plaintiff’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt can the verdict be a conviction. The attorney can examine the charges and the evidence and work toward the best possible outcome based on the circumstances, which might be achieved through negotiations or litigation.

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Defending DWI Charge in California

Defending DWI Charge in California

A 20-year-old California woman was admitted to a hospital with serious injuries that she suffered in an alleged drunk driving crash. The young man who is deemed responsible will likely be exploring his options for defending a DWI charge after his arrest in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty at a subsequent court appearance.

According to a report by the San Diego police, the crash occurred just after 3:30 a.m. on a local road in Serra Mesa. It is alleged the 20-year-old driver lost control of the van in which he and five passengers were speeding. He allegedly smashed into the sides of two parked vehicles before jumping a curb and crashing through a fence. The van came to a halt when it crashed into a tree. As the van burst into flames, all the occupant tried to flee on foot.

However, officers who responded to the crash detained all six of them. They transported one 20-year-old female passenger to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Police say they took the driver into custody, and he was held on bail of $100,000. Reports indicate no prior record for the young man, who has a full-time job.

Source: San Diego, CA Patch, “San Diego Man Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Charge: Police“, Randy Miller, April 21, 2017

Any young adult who faces criminal charges will likely seek the services of an experienced attorney for defending a DWI charge. With the support and guidance of a skilled California DWI defense lawyer, the severe consequences that come with a criminal conviction may be avoided. An attorney will endeavor to achieve the best possible outcome by negotiating a plea deal, if such an offer is on the table, or in litigation if the case goes to court.