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Talk to a Fremont Marijuana Crime Lawyer before Starting Your Marijuana Business

Talk to a Fremont Marijuana Crime Lawyer before Starting Your Marijuana Business

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing in the US after recreational marijuana was made legal to sell and use for adults in Freemont, California. The market has increased drastically, which brings an opportunity invest in the personal Marijuana business. This business idea is surely distinctive and extremely difficult to establish from other businesses. The drug is legalized now but you may need an attorney to start your organization steering clear of illegal practices.

A marijuana lawyer is the key player and will play an instrumental role in helping you legally bypassing the formalities and the legalities required to start a marijuana business. Marijuana businesses may involve complex requirements which a certified attorney can handle preventing you from landing in potential trouble.

Plus, there are two separate laws that govern the marijuana industry – especially when you talk about setting your own 4/20 business – the laws are – (MCRSA) which is short for the Medical Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act and An adult use of Marijuana act (AUMA), which is short for Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

Moreover, it is worth noting that each law is significantly different than other. However, the process of building up the drug business is similar to either one of the above mentioned regulatory schemes.

Reasons Why You Should Meet A Marijuana Crime Lawyer Before Setting Up Your Cannabis Business

Help in Official Dealing

There will be multiple corporate forms your business may require such as limited partnership (LP), general partnership (GP), limited liability partnership (LLP), sole proprietorship, or a corporation. An experienced attorney will work to make your business official by registering it with the state department of California.

Permission from Local Government

You need to submit a proof that county or municipal government has permitted you to set up the business as a condition of your application when obtaining a license for MCRSA business. The local government applies a different rule to AUMA. You are expected to get permission from the local government, in either case, to run your business smoothly.

The procedure of attaining a local conditional use permit (CUP) is a complex and expensive process at the same where you may need a legal help. This is because your business should comply with local zonings legal formalities. In most cases, a marijuana business is only allowed to operate in industrial zones. It is often not permitted to run a cannabis business from residential and commercial areas specifically the ones located near parks and schools.

To Obtain State License

Obtaining a state license could become an overwhelming experience. The AUMA has created 19 licenses for adult use of cannabis businesses whereas 17 licenses are allowed for MCRSA. AUMA does not restrict a business owner from manufacturing, growing, selling or testing marijuana. However, MCRSA provides license only for medical purposes.

You should expect an extensive procedure when applying for a state license in this context. Each condition comes with a series of complex steps and demands attention to details. For instance, you might need to provide information about the fertilizers and pesticides you will use, the size of your farm, waste removal, storage, and consumption of water when applying for cultivation license for AUMA.

Bottom Line

Setting up a marijuana business is a complicated process. Contact Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866 and solve your legal queries right now!

Knowing Drug Possession Laws in California and Hiring a Fremont Drug Crime Lawyer

Knowing Drug Possession Laws in California and Hiring a Fremont Drug Crime Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug crime, your next step should be hiring a certified attorney who knows how to proceed further without hurting your reputation. In a drug case, it is essential to fulfilling all legal formalities to prevent future problems. That is why you should look for an experienced lawyer. He will comprehensively analyze your case and come up with solutions and evidence that can help you get off the hook – or lead to a win-win situation.

Before obtaining services from a drug crime lawyer, you should learn about drug possession penalties in California. This way, you will get a better insight into your case, and it will also help find an attorney who will win the case for you.

Drug Possession Penalties

According to Californian law, penalties for drug possession vary. There are two kinds of cases, i.e., simple drug possession and possessing drugs for sale. In both scenarios, a lawyer can file for plea deals to trace real offenders or crime leaders. It is worth noting that a lower-level criminal who agrees to co-operate with the investigation team, will not face a penalty.

Simple Drug Possession

The penalties aren’t heavy if the narcotic is a mild depressant and in a small quantity. However, your criminal background will be investigated along with the particular circumstances associated with the crime. In case of a misdemeanor, you may face county jail for a year. Also, you may encounter a fine of $1,000 and one-year in county jail – that is if you have been found guilty of drugs as a felony.

Drug Possession for Sale

The penalties for drug possession for sale are more substantial than simple drug crimes. You will be fined $20,000 and up to four years in county prison if you have kept drugs with the intent to distribute. However, there is a distinctive law for substances such as cocaine, cocaine base, or heroin. In this circumstance, you may be incarcerated in county jail as per the weight of narcotics in possession. Your sentence could be from 3 to 25 years.

However, legally circumventing the law might be possible – and that can only happen if you opt for the services of a highly skilled and reputed drug offense lawyer.

Experience in Particular Area

You need to comprehend the fact that an attorney who has settled divorce negotiations conclusively cannot help you with a drug conviction. There are drug crime defense attorneys who have specialized in the area. You need to find an experienced lawyer regarding your case to monitor every aspect associated with it.

Your Involvement in the Procedure

A good lawyer will always simplify the laws allowing you to understand how things will take place in a drug case and to make a decision with a clear mind. Your attorney should keep you engaged throughout the process and work passionately for the best outcome.

Bottom Line

Going through a drug conviction is a harrowing experience. To fight the charges and get the best outcome – don’t hesitate to call Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866.

Complexities of Personal Injury Cases – A Professional Fremont Lawyer Understands

Complexities of Personal Injury Cases – A Professional Fremont Lawyer Understands

Pursuing a personal injury claim is often daunting for most people since they have never been in a lawsuit. The possibility of a lawsuit resulting in a trail is very low therefore the process should be stress-free. From consultations with attorney to case resolution, the various steps involved in a personal injury lawsuit have been discussed in detail below:

Scheduling a meeting with personal injury lawyer

If someone else’s carelessness or gross negligence got you into trouble, you might want to contact an attorney to find out whether your claim is valid. That is of course after you’ve taken of your injuries. This might require keeping necessary medical records or other supporting documentation. In addition, lookout for personal injury attorneys that provides free consultation as well.

Evaluating the lawyer

Track record and expertise of the attorney in handling your type of case is necessary before hire him to take care of the case.  If the attorney is making promises about how much money you can receive which seems too good to be true, be wary of him. A professional with good experience still needs time to analyze and evaluate all the nitty gritty of the case, which also entails collecting witness accounts.

Understanding the payment method and hiring a personal injury attorney

The entire procedure comes down to whether or not you can afford the attorney. Most personal injury lawyers are paid on contingency basis which means that they are not made complete payment until you are. Before signing a client contract with an exact attorney fee mentioned on it, ensure to clarify all your related queries.

Settle your case before filing a lawsuit

The extent to which your injuries caused damage and how much would these cost would have been investigated fully until this stage by your attorney. Most cases are settled before you need to file a lawsuit. The negotiation between your attorney and the insurance company may result in a monetary offer from the insurance company. If the offer is acceptable, your attorney will acquaint you about it.

File the suit in court

If both parties are unable to agree on an adequate settlement, the attorney will then file a suit on your behalf. This can take from several months to several years, depending upon a deadline assigned by the judge.

Go to mediation

During the court case, you still have an option to go for alternative case resolution via a process called mediation. A neutral mediator is assigned between the two parties who acts as a referee. He is responsible for making settlement negotiation. The process of mediation can wither be accepted or rejected.

Go to trial

After the presentation of the argument of both sides, the judge decides whether the defendant to pay you or not, and if so, how much amount of damage is to be paid.


In case, an appeal is filed against the verdict of the judge, you still have some pursuing to do. Also, your attorney must pay the lien before you get paid by your defendant.


Dealing with a personal injury case isn’t a pleasant experience. If you or someone you know is going through this hard time, call Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866 without further delay or send a contact email at Earljiang.