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Complexities of Personal Injury Cases – A Professional Fremont Lawyer Understands

Complexities of Personal Injury Cases – A Professional Fremont Lawyer Understands

Pursuing a personal injury claim is often daunting for most people since they have never been in a lawsuit. The possibility of a lawsuit resulting in a trail is very low therefore the process should be stress-free. From consultations with attorney to case resolution, the various steps involved in a personal injury lawsuit have been discussed in detail below:

Scheduling a meeting with personal injury lawyer

If someone else’s carelessness or gross negligence got you into trouble, you might want to contact an attorney to find out whether your claim is valid. That is of course after you’ve taken of your injuries. This might require keeping necessary medical records or other supporting documentation. In addition, lookout for personal injury attorneys that provides free consultation as well.

Evaluating the lawyer

Track record and expertise of the attorney in handling your type of case is necessary before hire him to take care of the case.  If the attorney is making promises about how much money you can receive which seems too good to be true, be wary of him. A professional with good experience still needs time to analyze and evaluate all the nitty gritty of the case, which also entails collecting witness accounts.

Understanding the payment method and hiring a personal injury attorney

The entire procedure comes down to whether or not you can afford the attorney. Most personal injury lawyers are paid on contingency basis which means that they are not made complete payment until you are. Before signing a client contract with an exact attorney fee mentioned on it, ensure to clarify all your related queries.

Settle your case before filing a lawsuit

The extent to which your injuries caused damage and how much would these cost would have been investigated fully until this stage by your attorney. Most cases are settled before you need to file a lawsuit. The negotiation between your attorney and the insurance company may result in a monetary offer from the insurance company. If the offer is acceptable, your attorney will acquaint you about it.

File the suit in court

If both parties are unable to agree on an adequate settlement, the attorney will then file a suit on your behalf. This can take from several months to several years, depending upon a deadline assigned by the judge.

Go to mediation

During the court case, you still have an option to go for alternative case resolution via a process called mediation. A neutral mediator is assigned between the two parties who acts as a referee. He is responsible for making settlement negotiation. The process of mediation can wither be accepted or rejected.

Go to trial

After the presentation of the argument of both sides, the judge decides whether the defendant to pay you or not, and if so, how much amount of damage is to be paid.


In case, an appeal is filed against the verdict of the judge, you still have some pursuing to do. Also, your attorney must pay the lien before you get paid by your defendant.


Dealing with a personal injury case isn’t a pleasant experience. If you or someone you know is going through this hard time, call Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866 without further delay or send a contact email at Earljiang.

The Financial Issues of Divorce – Why Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Fremont Matters

The Financial Issues of Divorce – Why Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Fremont Matters

Divorce can be a complicated, confusing and heartbreaking process. Not to mention a highly emotive one too, for most couples. Regardless if the marriage was short-lived and if both of you are committed to divorce each other, still a sane, objective mind is needed to help you see things from a logical viewpoint and help you make decisions without blurred consciousness. This is the time when you should consider hiring a family law attorney in Fremont. Emotions may cloud your ability to think clearly; this is why obtaining a good divorce lawyer can benefit you in the longer run.

Some of the reasons why hiring an experienced family law attorney can be in your best interest:

A divorce lawyer is familiar with family court and matrimonial law

No special treatment is received by self-represented litigants. You have to understand that most judges are highly patient toward the entire court room procedure. But if you go in unprepared and without experienced legal help, you are bound to swing things way out of proportion possibly ending up ticking off the judge.

A divorce lawyer is often in continuous communication with a family lawyer to seek for appropriate ways to put their case in a way that seem less threatening or unprofessional. If you go in all alone at any such moment, you are likely to jeopardize the most important decision of your life with only one wrong action or word of yours.

A divorce lawyer will offer objective advice

A high commotion at both ends, divorce is often a time of uncertain and overwhelming emotions. A mind clouded with several emotions of fear, betrayal, depression, sadness, rage, resignation and confusion, you are most likely to worsen situation that could otherwise have been prevented by hiring a family law attorney.

With little to no time for working on your emotions and getting them under control, your ability to work productively is greatly hindered. A lawyer will look at the entire scenario as an objective person standing outside of the main frame and will even help you keep your emotions in check by introducing you to other mental health professionals who can help you through your tough time.

Vindictive and aggressive actions, even though justified because of a highly overwhelming situation like divorce, can still lead to further irrevocable damage so make sure you have enough moral help at your end to get through this time and make wise decisions.

Red tape and paperwork

Divorce and an endless array of paperwork go hand in hand. A divorce lawyer is usually well acquainted with all of the procedures because of his specialization and the fact that he has tackled so many cases. Each form is different according to your situation and filling them out is one heck of a task. Producing complete paperwork is a crucial step in your divorce case because the judge is heavily going to rely on the documentation you have sent forth.


Dealing with a divorce isn’t a pleasant experience. If you or someone you know is going through this hard time, call Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866 without further delay or send a contact email at Earljiang.


Here’s Why You Should Avoid Personal Opinions and Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fremont, CA

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Personal Opinions and Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fremont, CA

It is an overwhelming experience to find oneself under criminal accusations regardless of the fact whether or not one is at fault. Some people recommend finding your way through the legal system, but such navigation can be extremely daunting unless you know where to go exactly. When already going through a difficult time, it is always advisable to find oneself a criminal defense attorney to help you with paperwork, trials, pleadings and other related legal procedures.

Following are some of the prominent benefits that come along hiring a criminal defense lawyer:

They Are Expert in Their Niche

Criminal defense attorneys are specifically qualified to defend their clients. Their qualifications lead them to understand and develop a strong case on behalf of the client considering every aspect of the law procedures. Moreover, it is also their job to avoid any inconsistencies and loopholes in the case and present the information in the best way possible that will defend their client from the criminal charges.

Awareness of Criminal System of Law

Going into the battle without being well equipped can be a very unpleasant experience. If you do have a lot of knowledge, being deep down in the river yourself can inhibit you in optimally utilizing your skills. An attorney has sufficient knowledge about the judges, prosecutors, and other crucial law members. This knowledge is sure to help them build a strong case in your defense.

Developing a Strong Strategy

For a successful case to develop, aside from the knowledge, the specific approach to take to go about is also crucial. They are pros at designing a suitable strategy to handle the case.

Defense against Penalties

In cases where prosecutors are harshly dealing the alleged defendants, criminal attorneys make sure to defend your innocence and help you deal with ruthless prosecutors. They are also quite helpful in saving you from unfair sentencing in cases where you are found guilty.

Offer Immediate Ways to Extenuate Risks

Patience might be a virtue in other aspects of life, but in criminal cases, it is not considered a good omen as it helps the prosecutor strengthen their case. Immediate, quick actions taken by the attorney can help in mitigating the consequences and risks of your case

They Have a Team to Do Complete Operations

From tracking down witnesses to cross-examining them, gathering important evidence and preparing important documentation, qualified staff and resources become crucial, and an attorney likely possesses them.

They Are a Barrier between Their Client and Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement has to go through your lawyer first before contacting you. Having an attorney saves you from the intimidation that might be done by the law, and it also prevents a hasty decision from your side.

Long-Term Financial Advantages and Time-Efficiency

It is quite self-explanatory. Getting over and done with the case once and for all saves a good deal of time and money that you might have to otherwise spend in the long run had there been loopholes In the case.

Source of Emotional and Moral Support

At a time where you are the center of one too many accusations, an outsider who is well equipped with necessary knowledge can save you a lot of stress and anxiety and generally can be good for your mental health. If you or someone you know has been physically injured due to someone’s negligence, contact Earl Jiang at 866-263-7866 immediately.