5 Important Considerations before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Union City, CA

5 Important Considerations before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Union City, CA

Are you looking for hiring a criminal defense attorney in Union City, CA? If yes, then you should make some important considerations before you agree to hire one’s service. Your decision to pick a lawyer to represent you in a criminal defense case can be one of the most important decisions in your life. Do not be hasty or careless about this process and do your comprehensive research before finally picking an attorney that meets the requirements given below.


When it comes to choosing an attorney/lawyer, it is an experience that has to be the first thing you should look at. All the lawyers that are legally serving the legal industry have gone through the same tests, but the real learning begins when they land in the field. All the intricacies of the criminal defense cases are disclosed to an attorney when he/she is a part of the whole process. When looking at the experience, it is also important that you consider their experience specifically in criminal defense cases.

Track Record

The track record of the attorney you are thinking of hiring is just as important as their experience or maybe even more. Experience is a great thing but what if they have lost more cases than they have won? What if they deal with multiple types of cases and their record with criminal defense cases is not that good? Most lawyers have this information available on their website. If it is not available on the website, you can ask them personally about the track record.


Criminal defense cases are severe cases and can be very depressing for individuals. There are thousands of questions a person needs answers for and just as many clarifications. In some cases, lawyers let their clients talk to the receptionists only. When you are worried and need your questions answered, bumping into a receptionist might not be a pleasing experience. Look for lawyers who are ready to talk to you about their number once they have picked up your case.


Do not be under the impression that you will not hire a lawyer that costs more. When looking at the costs, you have to see which attorney justifies them the best. Some lawyers might cost more, but their track record, experience, mannerisms of communication and accessibility might balance those costs. On the other hand, some attorneys might be very cheap, but they might never talk to you in person, communicate in a friendly way and have a track record that gives you the peace of mind that you have found the right person.


At first, it might not seem like a very important thing to consider, but the personality of an attorney matters more than you realize. You have to look at the way they talk to you and show their empathy when you are emotionally devastated. They should not act like robots who talk without emotions, file pages in different folders and are available only very shortly during the day. Furthermore, try to feel that confidence in their voice when they talk because it truly shows their faith in their work.

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