DUI charge may follow fiery 3-vehicle crash in Los Angeles

DUI charge may follow fiery 3-vehicle crash in Los Angeles

Three vehicles were involved in a crash that a person who heard the collision described as the worst he had ever experienced. He said it sounded like cars crashing into a brick wall. He was there when police arrived at the scene of the accident in California that may lead to one driver facing a DUI charge.

Los Angeles police arrived shortly after 2 a.m. on a recent Thursday. Officers reported that, after sideswiping a sedan, a speeding muscle car crashed into an SUV — propelling it into a tree. The muscle car continued ahead but burst into flames, trapping three occupants inside. The driver of the SUV that smashed into the tree was declared dead at the accident scene. She was a woman who was reported to have been in her 40s.

Officials say the driver of the car that was sideswiped was uninjured, but two of the occupants who were in the burning car were seriously injured, and the third person was in a critical condition. Police believe the driver of this car was impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. No mention was made of an arrest; however, police reported that the investigation was ongoing.

Any California driver who is suspected of driving under the influence may consider looking into defending a potential DUI charge. Such a charge could be very serious if there were loss of life in the accident. An experienced DUI defense attorney will be able to assess the circumstances and suggest the most appropriate way to proceed.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Driver Suspected of DUI in Deadly Winnetka Crash“, July 13, 2017

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