DUI tragedy on Highway 10

DUI tragedy on Highway 10

On behalf of Earl L. Jiang, Attorney at Law | Posted in Drunk Driving Charges on Sunday August 6, 2017

Authorities suspect that a crash that left three family members and a good Samaritan dead may have been caused by a drunk driver.

A mother of two was severely injured when a white Nissan rammed into her vehicle on August 5th.

She pulled over to the side of the road to account for an overheating Honda’s engine and received aid from a good samaritan in a pick up truck before the impact.

Impact threw the pickup truck across the highway, and “crushed the backseat” of the Honda, causing the deaths of two children in the backseat. The crash momentum also killed the good samaritan, and the mother of two’s mother who had gotten out to take a look at the engine.

The police told news agencies that they found open cans of beer in the Nissan, and that the Nissan’s driver had been taken to the hospital to await a toxicology report. He has refused to speak to police.

Source: time.com, “http://time.com/4888933/accident-on-10-freeway-dui-4-dead/“, Lisa Marie Segarra, August 5, 2017

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