Whittier DUI Tragedy

Whittier DUI Tragedy

On behalf of Earl L. Jiang, Attorney at Law | posted in Felony DUI on Monday, November 6, 2017

The LA Times reports that the LA police department has opened up an investigation into an incident where one of its young officers caused a crash in the carpool lane on highway 605. The officer, 26 years old, was driving a Chevy Camaro when he swerved into the lane next to him and crashed into the rear of a Nissan carrying a family of three.


The Nissan immediately burst into flames, trapping the family inside – CHP has declared the family dead at the scene.


After physically ramming the Nissan, the officer’s vehicle continued into another lane, where it struck A Toyota scion before coming to a stop, the driver of the scion suffered injuries.


The officer was arrested by CHP on suspicions of a felony DUI causing death and injury and is currently being held on $100,000 bail.


No open containers of alcoholic substance was found in the officer’s vehicle.

Source: LATimes.com, “LAPD officer suspected of DUI in crash that killed 3 in Whittier“, Accessed on November 6th. 2017

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