Reasons Why You Should Only Hire an Experienced Fremont, CA Lawyer

Reasons Why You Should Only Hire an Experienced Fremont, CA Lawyer

When life takes an unexpected turn and hiring a lawyer becomes inevitable, it is important that you pick an experienced and reputable lawyer. This is when Earl Jiang can prove to be your real companion by representing you with utmost passion and professionalism no matter how big or small the case. We are currently serving the following areas.

  • Newark, CA
  • Fremont, CA
  • Union City, CA

If you or your loved one is in trouble, contact us before things get out of your hands. We can represent you in the following categories.

  • Criminal Defense
  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • DUIs/DWI Driving

So, why does reputation and experience matter so much when it comes to hiring a lawyer? Here are the most important reasons.

Reasons for Hiring an Experienced California Lawyer

·         Better Chance of Winning

Nothing beats experience, not even knowledge. In fact, the most valuable knowledge is which comes from experience. Seasoned lawyers understand the ins and outs of legal matters. They don’t let any ends loose. They listen to their clients carefully but more importantly, they understand the many techniques and tactics the opposite party can use to win the case.

·         Error-free Representation

As fastidious as lawyers are, even they can make mistakes. Collecting evidence, recording statements, filling out forms, filing in every piece of information, etc. requires a lot of arduous working. Such pressure of work can often cause inexperienced lawyers to make mistakes that seem small but cost you a case and as a result, thousands and millions of dollars. With experienced lawyers, you don’t have to worry about such costly mistakes.

·         Limited Practice Areas

What turns small law firms into big ones is their quality of work. In many cases, you will encounter small law firms covering up dozens of different practice areas when they don’t have enough lawyers. They have other ways of arranging lawyers for you, but then integrity, trust, and understanding get thrown out of the window. Professional lawyers, like Earl Jiang, serve only the areas they are best at. This allows for professional and unbeatable representation.

·         Reputability

This is not to say that new lawyers don’t have their practice at stake when they do something wrong, but they have much less to lose compared to what an established, a renowned and experienced lawyer can lose by doing something wrong—reputability. This allows the experienced lawyers to represent you with their full might and passion. They are fighting the case for you, themselves and justice. More motivational factors mean more enthusiastic representation than before.

·         Customer Relation

One of the things that lawyers learn as they mature serving their field is the psychology of their clients. Whether the case is of someone’s death, divorce or bodily loss, the mental state of a client has to be understood by the lawyer first to make a connection. A lawyer wouldn’t just jump into solving the case. A professional and experienced lawyer understands that a client needs to be comforted first by doing anything else.

Keep in mind; people take experienced mechanics with them when it comes to buying a car. But that’s just a matter of buying a car. This is a matter of life, death, and justice. If you or someone you love is in legal trouble, call Earl Jiang today, your professional and local Fremont, CA lawyer at 866-263-7866 today.

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