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5 Important Considerations before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Union City, CA

5 Important Considerations before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Union City, CA

Are you looking for hiring a criminal defense attorney in Union City, CA? If yes, then you should make some important considerations before you agree to hire one’s service. Your decision to pick a lawyer to represent you in a criminal defense case can be one of the most important decisions in your life. Do not be hasty or careless about this process and do your comprehensive research before finally picking an attorney that meets the requirements given below.


When it comes to choosing an attorney/lawyer, it is an experience that has to be the first thing you should look at. All the lawyers that are legally serving the legal industry have gone through the same tests, but the real learning begins when they land in the field. All the intricacies of the criminal defense cases are disclosed to an attorney when he/she is a part of the whole process. When looking at the experience, it is also important that you consider their experience specifically in criminal defense cases.

Track Record

The track record of the attorney you are thinking of hiring is just as important as their experience or maybe even more. Experience is a great thing but what if they have lost more cases than they have won? What if they deal with multiple types of cases and their record with criminal defense cases is not that good? Most lawyers have this information available on their website. If it is not available on the website, you can ask them personally about the track record.


Criminal defense cases are severe cases and can be very depressing for individuals. There are thousands of questions a person needs answers for and just as many clarifications. In some cases, lawyers let their clients talk to the receptionists only. When you are worried and need your questions answered, bumping into a receptionist might not be a pleasing experience. Look for lawyers who are ready to talk to you about their number once they have picked up your case.


Do not be under the impression that you will not hire a lawyer that costs more. When looking at the costs, you have to see which attorney justifies them the best. Some lawyers might cost more, but their track record, experience, mannerisms of communication and accessibility might balance those costs. On the other hand, some attorneys might be very cheap, but they might never talk to you in person, communicate in a friendly way and have a track record that gives you the peace of mind that you have found the right person.


At first, it might not seem like a very important thing to consider, but the personality of an attorney matters more than you realize. You have to look at the way they talk to you and show their empathy when you are emotionally devastated. They should not act like robots who talk without emotions, file pages in different folders and are available only very shortly during the day. Furthermore, try to feel that confidence in their voice when they talk because it truly shows their faith in their work.

Earl Jiang is one of the best lawyers in Union City, CA whom can help you with your criminal defense case. With Earl Jiang, you get to talk to one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in the bay area. Mr. Jiang and his team is ready to go out of their way to help you with your case and pull the best results possible in your favor. If you or someone you know is in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Union City, CA, call 866-263-7866 right now.

What Can a Family Lawyer in Newark, CA Help You With

What Can a Family Lawyer in Newark, CA Help You With

Family members are like protections for each other but not all families are perfect. When a family divides, those who have promised to be by your side through thick and thin can cause the most damage to you. You might not realize but you can face problems in many different ways if you don’t have proper legal protection in a family law case. It is only a family lawyer in Newark, CA who can really help you with family related legal matters and save you from financial and emotional damage. Here is how your professional family lawyer can help you.

With Child Support and Custody

Separation in a divorce is just as painful for children as it is for the parents. However, one of the biggest issues is of child custody and support. You might be fulfilling all the legal requirements to have child custody but you will have to prove it to the court to get it. In some cases, you are being asked by your ex-partner to pay much more toward child support than is necessary. This could be financially devastating for you and also unavoidable until there is a professional and experienced family lawyer in Newark, CA is on your side.

With Divorce and Annulment

In a proper divorce case, when it is proved that you two were legally married, a lot might go out of your hands when everything gets settled. The property you own might get divided into two halves. More importantly, a business you own will also go to your spouse, which is something most people don’t want. But if you are in a situation where it can be proved that you never married? Maybe you never married but your separated partner now wants to take advantage of the situation and take a chunk out of your property? Or maybe you were married but your ex-spouse is trying to prove that you were never married.

With Paternity Issues

Paternity issue can arise in a family case in different ways. First, you might be a wife trying to prove the paternity of your child but your ex-husband is denying it, hence you cannot get any financial support. Second, you might be a father who knows the child is yours but have been denied of any rights to meet the child or take care of him/her. In either case, a professional family lawyer can help you claim and obtain the rights to be with your child who is legally and biologically yours.

With Alimony

When you file a divorce case and separate, you might be required to provide financial support for your ex-spouse. This money is called the alimony. However, the alimony arranged in a case might be too much for you to pay. If you think the amount is unfair, you need to get in touch with a family lawyer as soon as possible. It is also possible that the alimony amount that has been arranged is too small for you to meet your necessary expenses. An experienced family lawyer can best help here.

So, if you are facing any of the situations stated above or want your divorce case to be resolved with the help of a mediator, you should contact a family lawyer in Newark, CA today.If you or someone you love is in legal trouble, call Earl Jiang today, your professional and local Newark, CA lawyer at 866-263-7866 today.

Reasons Why You Should Only Hire an Experienced Fremont, CA Lawyer

Reasons Why You Should Only Hire an Experienced Fremont, CA Lawyer

When life takes an unexpected turn and hiring a lawyer becomes inevitable, it is important that you pick an experienced and reputable lawyer. This is when Earl Jiang can prove to be your real companion by representing you with utmost passion and professionalism no matter how big or small the case. We are currently serving the following areas.

  • Newark, CA
  • Fremont, CA
  • Union City, CA

If you or your loved one is in trouble, contact us before things get out of your hands. We can represent you in the following categories.

  • Criminal Defense
  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • DUIs/DWI Driving

So, why does reputation and experience matter so much when it comes to hiring a lawyer? Here are the most important reasons.

Reasons for Hiring an Experienced California Lawyer

·         Better Chance of Winning

Nothing beats experience, not even knowledge. In fact, the most valuable knowledge is which comes from experience. Seasoned lawyers understand the ins and outs of legal matters. They don’t let any ends loose. They listen to their clients carefully but more importantly, they understand the many techniques and tactics the opposite party can use to win the case.

·         Error-free Representation

As fastidious as lawyers are, even they can make mistakes. Collecting evidence, recording statements, filling out forms, filing in every piece of information, etc. requires a lot of arduous working. Such pressure of work can often cause inexperienced lawyers to make mistakes that seem small but cost you a case and as a result, thousands and millions of dollars. With experienced lawyers, you don’t have to worry about such costly mistakes.

·         Limited Practice Areas

What turns small law firms into big ones is their quality of work. In many cases, you will encounter small law firms covering up dozens of different practice areas when they don’t have enough lawyers. They have other ways of arranging lawyers for you, but then integrity, trust, and understanding get thrown out of the window. Professional lawyers, like Earl Jiang, serve only the areas they are best at. This allows for professional and unbeatable representation.

·         Reputability

This is not to say that new lawyers don’t have their practice at stake when they do something wrong, but they have much less to lose compared to what an established, a renowned and experienced lawyer can lose by doing something wrong—reputability. This allows the experienced lawyers to represent you with their full might and passion. They are fighting the case for you, themselves and justice. More motivational factors mean more enthusiastic representation than before.

·         Customer Relation

One of the things that lawyers learn as they mature serving their field is the psychology of their clients. Whether the case is of someone’s death, divorce or bodily loss, the mental state of a client has to be understood by the lawyer first to make a connection. A lawyer wouldn’t just jump into solving the case. A professional and experienced lawyer understands that a client needs to be comforted first by doing anything else.

Keep in mind; people take experienced mechanics with them when it comes to buying a car. But that’s just a matter of buying a car. This is a matter of life, death, and justice. If you or someone you love is in legal trouble, call Earl Jiang today, your professional and local Fremont, CA lawyer at 866-263-7866 today.